Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Being a Baby in 2014

I'm not a huge "new years resolution" gal because, NEWS FLASH, they are rarely ever carried out (but congrats if you have been successful in the past).

However, I did jokingly tell my husband that I want to try and not be such a huge baby in 2014, specifically when it comes to my workouts.

Ever since moving to London, I have made a lot of excuses for my workouts being sub par. Like...

- I have such an active lifestyle, it's okay if I don't have a full on workout.
  Uh, yeah. Being healthy is more than just being able to walk and bike ride everywhere.

-Can't squat/ deadlift/ lunge, as I don't want my legs to be sore when I bike up that crazy-ass hill later!
 Yes you can! You can always walk the bike if it's too, weight lifting will just make that ridiculous hill EASIER in the long run! But really, this is still my hardest obstacle. I want to work my legs to their limit! BUT, my legs are my only means of transportation here in London, and I need to be able to use them, too! 

- I love yoga and just want to do yoga. I don't NEED to lift weights. I should only do things I love!
Actually, you do need to weight lift, even if you are doing asanas that support your body weight. Your metabolism will thank you almost instantly, and your bones will thank you in 30 years. Yoga is a great strength builder for the upper body, but my legs need more than just my body weight! 

-Do I really need to work on my cardio when I walk/ bike ride 24/7
Yes, because it is more about the intensity than the amount of cardio. And we all know I'm not doing sprint intervals on my way to the store. I will say that the freaking uphill bike ride is crazy hard, but that's just for 5-7 minutes. 

In a nutshell, I'm not going to be a baby any more when it comes to my workouts. I am a HUGE advocate of listening to your body- I've listened, and I just need more intensity!

So, Since returning here, I've been lifting with more weight and frequency. I have incorporated more cardio intervals. And I am trying not to be a baby! However, I haven't encountered that legendary hill yet on my bike...tomorrow will be my first day!

Here are some pics while I was doing hill intervals on Primrose Hill

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  1. Thanks for that!!! I need to stop being a baby too! I'll leave the baby stuff to Vivi... Lol



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