Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh, happy weekend!

What a world of a difference a week makes!

Last weekend, I literally started crying at the dinner table, I was so depressed with London. I felt really lonely, as Daniel had been sick and was unable to really do anything other than sleep, and I hadn't been hanging out with friends, as I wanted to take care of Daniel! I was fed up with the weather- tired of having to wear a coat everywhere, tired of the constant rain, tired of never seeing the sun!

Well, this weekend was the exact opposite of last weekend. The sun was shining so brightly that people were getting sunburnt! I didn't need my coat AND could wear short sleeves. Score! London is a different city when it is not gray outside.

So, On Friday, I did TWO Yoga classes then met my pal Sadia at the Real Food's market by Waterloo. It was a lovely night- no need for a big coat. We walked around, ate too much, and had some great girl time!

I had to get their version of the grilled cheese, all in the name of research.I don't know which one is better- Real or Borough Market's! This one wasn't a sandwich, but sour dough bread with a cheese mixture grilled on top and topped with pig cheek. It was so good! And no, I didn't eat all of that :-)

 On Saturday we had plans to go to Grand Budpaest Hotel, but it was sold out at the theater near us! Bummer! So we ended up just sitting outside at a pub and then going to our favorite neighborhood joint to split a pizza. It was a nice night!

 On Sunday, we had the best weather since September probably. We met our friends Tristan and Bailey in North Greenwich, where we could eat outside and soak up all of the goodness!

Afterwards, we went bowling at Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 arena. It's supposed to be "American", which I suppose it was! We had a fun time. I lost both times, miserably. Bowling just ain't my thing.

I hope you all had a great, sunshiney weekend as well! Just pray that this weather lasts for us...I really cannot handle any more ugly days.

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