Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo Dump!

What is a girl to write about after a good but regular old Monday? I suppose a phone photo dump is my best option! 

Daniel celebrated 5 years at Total and got this awesome plaque, plus he gets to pick a gift from a catalogue of Waterford crystal, luggage, and other random knick knacks. The guys at the UK office were giving him a hard time, since 5 years doesn't get celebrated there like it does for people from the US office (they are just jealous because they don't get a certificate or random gift), so Daniel didn't think it was that special, but I am very proud of him!

I can't help but take pictures during a run on Regent's Canal! No, I didn't run at 6 am or pm. This was around noon...the sun has disappeared again. But I still have hope that it'll return soon!

 As I have complained about a lot lately (I'm sorry, but it's my blog, so I get to say it), my diet has not been a healthful as normal, and in return, I have gained an annoying 13 lbs. I don't mind it that much, until I see pictures, then I am totally mad at myself. So, I have made the choice to stop doing this to myself and get back to my normal weight. I have been experimenting a lot with going grain free, and I am curious to see if that'll help me. I have been scoring lots of recipes to replace my vices- hummus, toast, etc. I am thinking of following this to a T mon-fri, and then on the weekends I can eat my pizza and drink my wine (wine is grain free, however, it is nearly impossible for me to drink wine and not pair it with bread and cheese. Honestly, this has been the number one reason why I think these 13 pounds have appeared. YUCK!)

The 10 year old girl I nanny, Miranda, goes to Brownies at this church. It looks so beautiful with the red brick and cherry blossom trees (I think that's what it is?) blooming.

Photo dump complete! You all have a great day now!

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